Week in Review: Understanding Marc Jacobs, Find Local 3-D Printers, Why Coupons Matter and How to Recharge

Marc Jacobs Journeys at Louis Vuitton 1. Feeling burned out? Here's how to recharge yourself in three simple steps (Inc.)

2. Marc Jacobs has been the Artistic Director at Louis Vuitton since 1997.  Learn more about his creative process and what makes him tick. (via Louis Vuitton)

3. J.C. Penny once made news with their customer catalog. Take a look at some of these photos throughout the years.  (via Business Insider)

4. Interested in creating goods with 3-D technology? Makexyz connects consumers with local printers  (via Springwise)

5. Ever wonder about the power of coupons?  Here's why they are an integral part of retail and why they will be back at J.C. Penny. (via Businessweek)

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