Week in Review: Your Social Media Strategy, 12 Books for Entrepreneurs, Why Jason Wu and Storytelling Tactics


1.  The key to winning your customers over is with engagement. Here are 3 tips on how to bring your social media strategy to life and connect with your audience. (via Fast Company)

2. Read how fashion, architecture and home collaborations came together for For Prada's Autumn/Winter menswear show that took place on a catwalk inside a home. (via PSFK)

3. Want to increase sales? Try these 4 storytelling tactics to win your customers over. (via Entrepreneur)

4. If you're in need of some inspirational reading, take a look at these 12 books for entrepreneurs that can help you achieve success. (via Open Forum)

5. Michelle Obama chose Jason Wu twice for both Presidential Inaugurations. Here are some theories as to why she did. (via the New York Times)

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