Why Every Brand Should Use Marketing Automation


Do you want to get more out of your email marketing campaigns and boost customer engagement? Then you should consider marketing automation.  This is when a particular action is made by your reader or customer that automatically sends them a piece of predetermined communication. This action could be a newsletter open or purchase. 

If you've shopped online and put an item in your cart, but not made a purchase and received a reminder email or coupon a few hours or days later, then you've been part of a marketing automation campaign. 

You can easily set this up for your business too. Newsletter services like Mailchimp allow brands to set up campaigns based on certain triggers for free. Triggers kick of the automation and there are plenty available based on your goals such as abandoned cart, opened or not opened campaigned, purchased a product, clicked an item, a welcome after a newsletter signup and more. 

There are several benefits to marketing automation such reinforcing a message, discounts and incentives  strengthening your customer relationships and saving you time. 

To learn more, check out this Mailchimp article and video that does a great job explaining marketing automation. 

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