Why It's Important to Develop B2B Relationships on Social Media


Starting out on social media can be a bit daunting. From creating content, getting followers and also connecting with others, it's a big undertaking especially because you have to be consistent and put a strategy to your plan. As you begin your efforts, one key thing to think about is the relationships you want to foster and how you want to communicate. Whether that’s direct conversations right away, liking content or simply observing.

As a brand, you have two broad targets which include your B2B and B2C contacts. Your B2B contacts are important to foster for several reasons. While these types of people or brands may not be buying your product, they can help you reach your goals whether that’s brand awareness, validation and serve as an ecosystem you hang with and support you. They also help you stay in the know on industry happenings and trends which will make you seem relevant.

Here are the types of B2B individuals and companies that you should consider connecting with on social media:

  • Retailers
  • Bloggers and editors
  • Media outlets
  • Stylists
  • Celebrities and personalities
  • Models
  • Creative directors
  • Trade shows and markets
  • Factories and manufactures
  • Business resources
  • Designers you admire and ones that are your friends

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