Why It's Important to Embrace Your Love Notes

Credit: Plus Design Studio

Credit: Plus Design Studio

Love notes. Have you heard of them? 

Think of love notes as feedback, compliments, testimonials or words that remind you of why you do what you do. 

As an entrepreneur, chances are that you are probably tougher on yourself than others. You may not give yourself the credit you deserve. Or, take the time to reflect. That’s why you should make a point to gather and review your love notes on a regular basis.

Your love notes may be business-related or personal because you have the power to impact on may levels.

On the customer side, you may help someone solve a functional problem and of course, an emotional need. Perhaps they like the design of your collection or your work has empowered them in some way. Or, someone may have fallen for your fit, or your brand has become a part of a significant moment in their life.

On the industry side, your courage as an entrepreneur, kindness and knowledge can inspire someone. This may be from an Instagram post, interview or panel talk.

On the personal side, you’re probably doing wonderful things as a friend, spouse, parent, sibling or child.

With this said, your love notes may come from a customer, a fan, celebrity, business crush, a leader, a fellow counterpart, designer friend or your family. They may come from a written note, email, InstaStory or on a website form. When you get these, pin them, take a frame grab and store them digitally or physically.

No matter the type of love you receive, embrace it, save it, and when you need a good boost, refer to these notes as a reminder of how you impact others.

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