Why it's Important to Have a Trade Show Marketing Campaign


If you've done a trade show or thinking about doing one, you know that it's a pretty steep investment from not only a financial perspective, but time and resources. This is why it's important to maximize the show by creating a marketing campaign. You'll have to let both buyers, press and stylists know where you're showing, your location on the floor and what you are offering (new styles, immediates, etc...) in addition to the current season. You are also competing for someone's time and between all the other brands that are exhibiting and shows that are going on simultaneously, it's increasingly important to find ways to stand out.

When planning your efforts, you'll want to consider pre, during and post show messaging that spans various media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and email newsletters along with fresh content such as show highlights from each day, Instagram photos and featuring special visitors like bloggers, press or stylists.

Here are the types of content you can use in your campaign:

  • Outreach to buyers which includes an authentic email pitch to them so it doesn't seem like a mass blast while trying to get their attention
  • Sending an email newsletter letting your network know all the details that make your brand attractive for their time
  • Add your show information to your email signature as one additional real-estate opportunity when communicating with others
During the show
  • Leverage social media and talk with the trade show, people that you've met on the floor and leverage the show's hashtag and don't forget to search within it too!
  • Send out reminders because it keeps your brand top of mind especially while someone is trying to navigate the floor. Emerging designer Alicia Reina used email marketing to let her audience know that she would be at Capsule and for the last day of the show, sent another message out with photos of her booth, location and collection that she was showing.
  • Follow-up is key and something you should carve out time to do. If you've made a connection or received leads, this is now the time to continue the conversation. You'll also want to make sure they have your look book, line sheet, photos and any other information that will help them take the next step with your business.
  • Consider adding in show highlights or a recap in your email marketing newsletter especially for those that weren't able to sop by your booth. And, if you feel like you're bombarding your audience with trade show news, consider diversifying your content. 

As you develop your marketing plan, make your business accountable by putting all these efforts in a calendar in advance so you will be able to strategically plan out your campaign and ultimately optimize your investment.


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