Why Training Your Staff is Crucial to Generating Sales


Some say selling is an art. But, like any skill, it takes time to get into a groove. When you're selling or having people sell for you, being prepared and doing it will only make your sales game stronger. Whether your business has grown, you aren't available to sell on a particular date, or whatever your situation may be, it's important to make employee or freelance staff training a priority. Delegating sales may seem tough at first, but having help that you can trust and do a good job can free up time to make you more efficient. 

Whether you're selling at a tradeshow, trunk show, pop-up, or market, remember that it's important to have a well-versed staff. Training your staff on these few questions are just a few ways to prepare them:

  • The one thing that every consumer should know about your brand
  • Brand and designer story
  • Fabrication and materials
  • Features and benefits of the product
  • Best sellers
  • How something can be styled, worn or used
  • Recent progress and celebrity news
  • Prices

You should also discuss other sales-related things they should be doing such as greeting the customer, softly asking questions to learn more, always smiling, not being on their phone, encouraging newsletter sign-ups and social follows along with re-merchandising a rack or table when there is down time.

There's also brand considerations which includes tone, voice and image. Everything that your staff does needs to be on brand, or a fit with what your brand stands for which can include wardrobe and overall demeanor. Whatever you put in sales toolkit, you should communicate your expectations and get aligned with your staff to make the sales experience stronger.

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