Why You Need An Inner Circle of Advocates 


Squad. Tribe. Crew. Or, your advisory board. Whatever you call your inner circle of champions, make sure you have one. In the world of entrepreneurship, there will be ups, downs and a whole lot of in between and that’swhy your network is going to be invaluable.

There are several reasons why you should foster your inner circle. Support is probably the most important reason because you can't build your business in a silo. Guidance, resource share, introductions and validation goes a long way because in the fashion industry, people want you to have traction and approval from others.

As you craft your inner circle, be sure to have people that can speak to higher level strategy and offer day-to-day insight along with practical and creative outlooks.

If you’re just starting out and may not know a lot of people, think of this as your opportunity to build relationships with people that you encounter. People in these parts of the business are great to consider:

  • Fashion and entrepreneurial organizations
  • Editors and bloggers
  • Stylists and influencers
  • Photographers, hair and make up artists
  • Retailers
  • Schools and professors
  • Investors and business minded individuals
  • Vendors
  • Past employers
Keep in mind that relationships are never one way. While people are helping you, be sure to pay it forward and always see if there's a way to reciprocate.

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