Why You Need to Create Value Before You Get Social Media Followers


Social media metrics have gotten a little tricky; especially for new entrepreneurs trying to navigate the land of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. It’s easy to get caught up in the numbers game and equate your follower count to both the success and validation of your business. Likes, fans and followers are metrics that are one part vanity and the other part telling through analytics if you choose to dig into what's available to you. Regardless, your user base is going to take time to grow. Of course, there are brands that have “Insta-fame” and notoriety, but we also don’t know about their sales and what their long-term growth will look like. And, in the fashion business, this is what counts.

Before you get caught up in the quantity your brand has amassed, be sure to ask what you are doing to get these ambassadors. More specifically, what type of value are you giving them?  When you provide value to your audience, that's when you'll slowly start to see an upswing in followers, but it's also the start to building long-term relationships and ideally sales.

Providing value is not only something you should be focused on in the social world, but through your product, customer service and brand experience because it's so important to the development of your business. A value-driven business throughout multiple touchpoints is what creates a brand.

In terms of the digital space, value happens through consistent content whether that's visual or written. And, this can be done in a variety of ways such as how you show products, talk about your brand, provide inspiration, share information that’s relevant to the lives of your customer. A mix of these components whether tangible or intangible is what brands need to do to build the consumer relationship. In the end, there are many ways to show value, but brands have to be strategic, authentic and timely.


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