Why You Should Have a Real Life Muse


Fashion Muse Understanding your target is one of the most important things you can do for your business. Exploring your consumer should happen before you start designing your products, while in development and each season. This on-going process will help you know who you are designing for, what their lifestyle is like and how they feel about your products.

To clarify, understanding your target doesn't simply mean just noting a generic profile like she's in her 30s, confident and professional. It's about digging in deep to understand her nuances, brands she likes, her dreams, day-to-day lifestyle and what she's looking for in fashion pieces. And, it doesn't just mean saying it either. Putting these learnings in a board, notebook or any place where it's physically brought to life is key because it will help serve as a guide for your brand's development.

One way to do this is having one or even multiple muses that you personally know. This is important because you have access to the learnings, can get feedback, find inspiration and they may even turn into your brand ambassador.

If you think about it, you most likely have a fit model and an aspirational muse, so having a real life one is a physical extension of your aspiration. Plus, knowing her realities will keep your brand and communications to her relevant.

Several brands are doing it today. Club Monaco's Culture Club blog created Maker's and Muses where they feature creative talents they admire. Menswear label Kai D. has featured customers that have walked into his store on his blog and even look book because they were a fit with the brand's image and values. By doing this, brands get to highlight the work that others are doing, build relationships and also learn so much more about their target.

Club Monaco Makers and Muses

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