Why You Should Set Aside Time for Reading Days

Emerging Designer Reading How often do you set aside time to simply read?

Reading days are an important part of running your fashion business. It's your opportunity to catch up on popular culture, find inspiration and learn about new business solutions that will allow you to improve your company's operations. And, constantly finding ways to educate yourself shouldn't be overlooked as an entrepreneur.

Aside from obvious reads like glossy fashion magazines and coveted September issues, here are some areas to explore on your reading days:

  1. Check out new media outlets and blogs that you can add to your database. Widening this pool will help you to see how much opportunity is out there for your brand's exposure.
  2. Stepping out of the fashion industry is important too. It will expose you to fresh ideas and give you an understanding of how companies in other sectors market and brand their business.
  3. Discover design focused magazines and blogs like Design Taxi to see trends in packaging, art direction and creative marketing ideas.
  4. Find local outlets to understand what's going on in your community which may spark ideas on how to to cross promote your brand.
  5. Go to a magazine store and scour international publications because understanding global trends broadens your perspective.
  6. Music and celebrity culture go hand-in-hand with fashion and understanding who is trending will be important as you may want to leverage their popularity and style.
  7. Read about business news through magazines and newspapers such as the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and Forbes to help you stay savvy on the financials.

Making reading days happen may be easier said than done. However, one way to make this happen is to schedule time on your calendar at least once a month and commit to the day. Find a place that will help you get in the zone and enjoy this time to learn and be inspired. Aside from these benefits, this research will help you stay relevant and being informed will ultimately allow your brand to thrive.

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