Why You Should Think of Social Media Like a Party

Social Media Strategy Sabina Ptacin, Co-founder and Chief Excitement Officer at Tin Shingle, an organization dedicated to fostering entrepreneurs once said, “you have to think about social media like a party.” These simple words couldn’t be more true because in short, social media is about a conversation with others through interesting content, just like at a party.

When thinking about your social media strategy, here are three ways to look at the dynamics of party to make your efforts stronger:

1. Engage with your audience

Want to get to know someone? We all know that it starts with a few general questions, hopefully leads to a good conversation and may even develop into a relationship that continues both online and offline, growing overtime.

We’ve all been to those parties and know the power of a meeting good people and fostering friendships. If you think of your marketing strategy this way, it may help as you are creating content and building your network of retailers, press, customers and brand ambassadors.

2. Share information about your brand

Give your audience information about your business. This can be product news, behind the scenes photos, great press or styling tips. Whatever that content is, it must be good and fit with your brand’s voice and aesthetic. Since everyday is something new, the possibilities are endless and quality content delivered consistently will be an important part of building your company.

3. Talk about topics that fit in with your brand's lifestyle

After you are done getting to know one another, it's now time to gossip. In social media, we’re not talking about dishing the dirt on anyone, but gossip in terms of discussing things that fit into each others lifestyle. It could be fashion news, events, pop culture, inspiration, food or music.

Rebecca Minkoff does a good job at this by creating relevant content that fits into her woman's world on her blog and also engaging on multiple social media platforms.

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