Emerging Designer Spotlight: Williams Handmade


Sarah Williams takes a refreshing approach to design by looking at her handmade handbag and luggage collection as artifacts that will stand the test of time. Her line, Williams Handmade certainly delivers with unique, eye-catching shapes. Just look at her navy tetris-like briefcase or the striking red U-shaped trunk that sparks genuine curiosity on how to best use, accessorize and show off this dynamic piece. And yes, they are functional. Williams explains that that her designs do have slots, pockets and holders for items, albeit just a few. Her collection of modern handbags, briefcases and exquisite luggage has come to market through years of education, time and development. Sarah received her BA in Design Crafts and then a Masters in Fashion Artefact at the London College of Fashion. After taking a class in traditional leather techniques, she was inspired to develop a line and has been perfecting her skills along the way. Understanding the importance of unparalleled design and artisanal practices, her pieces are created by saddle stitching, a local technique and are made with brindle leather, a premium, long lasting material. Even the brass frames in the luggage are made from an esteemed metal craftsman, making each design a work of art. Sarah's pieces are all made to order and take approximately 8 weeks to make. This includes any item from her current collection or a bespoke design.

Check out her pieces on Williams Handmade.

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