Week In Review: 5 Ways to Stand Out on Google, FIT Expands Their E-Museum Collection, Pitching Media Outlets and the Sustainability Index


1. The Museum at FIT has expanded their E-Museum collection that consists of over 875 items including couture dresses, shoes and accessories. (via. The New York Times)

2. Are you doing everything you can to rise to the top on search? Here are 5 ways to stand out on Google. (via Inc.)

3. Check out these four brands that provide their audience with an outstanding digital experience. As you will see, they all have something in common: goals, a strategy and engagement techniques. See if you can do the same with your brand. (via Mashable)

4. Pitching the media? Here are 4 must-haves when pitching outlets. These easy, executable steps may help your email breakthrough the clutter. (via Entrepreneur)

5. Watch this video and see how an apparel group is trying to create an index that rates products on their level of sustainability. (via The Wall Street Journal)

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