Working with A recap from the OS Fashion Meetup

Designers are lining up in droves to partner with Why? For some, the flash sale site is a way for brands to sell excess inventory. With 3 million registered users and active social shoppers, it's also a chance for emerging labels to get exposure and sales traction. And, for those looking to hang with a like-minded retailer that shares the spirit of well-designed, quality products, is it. With the brand's "smile, you're designed to" moniker which seems to serve as a product filter, they give customers some of the best merchandise through their specialized shops which includes fashion, home and food categories amongst many others.

At the OS Fashion Meetup, Vivian Weng, the Fashion Director of shared some information about the company and gave designers tips on how to work with them.

What did we learn? is committed to delivering a solid customer experience. They achieve this by curating unique products that are accessible through an easy to use website and app, along with an engagement plan that offers credits to social shoppers when sharing on platforms like Facebook. For a designer, the logistics of working with them seems simple: they buy inventory after a sale is completed and gives brands the option to drop ship or have products ship from their warehouse.

Here are some takeaways that designers should know when working with

1. Understand your motivation for partnering with them. Do you have excess inventory or need exposure because discounting your products has business implications and you need to assess whether the partnership will be worth your ROI.

2. Have your sales materials prepared. Once a designers submits to, they are assigned to a buyer. Before reaching out, be ready with the following:

  • Present a cohesive collection that's merchandised well and tells a story since they typically only feature a few products and not your entire line.
  • Know your wholesale, MSRP and minimum price that you would sell your products at because they do provide up to a 70% discount to customers and you'll have to work with the buyer to develop the best pricing structure that's mutually beneficial.
  • Although they can take pictures in their studio, being able to provide clear photos that's similar to the style on their website is key.

3. Respond in a timely manner to keep momentum going. typically works 8 weeks out when populating their sales calendar and the more responsive and prepared you are, the more likely you are to get assigned a sales date. Plus, competition is steep with so many brands vying for a spot. During the conversation, Bag the Habit shared their experience with and said that after they submitted their information, they received a response in a matter of hours.

This just goes to show that once you're up and running, be ready to go because you never know when an opportunity will be simply fab.

Check out and connect with OS Fashion.

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