Young & Able Shares 6 Tips on How to Create an Effective Pop-Up Shop


The Young & Able Series pop-up shop was home to over 40 fashion, jewelry and lifestyle brands this holiday season in New York's Lower East Side. For three weeks, they packed the space with parties, trunk shows and DIY events for an engaging retail experience for new and existing customers. They also partnered with the Styleline for an editorial collaboration to tell each designer's story that lived online, delivering a multi-channel marketing mix. Founder Rosa Ng shared her key tips on how to create an effective pop-up shop:

Take the time to observe

1. Be in the shop all of the time or at least be there during the busiest time and days. You'll learn more from seeing what people are not buying.

Plan in-store events

2. Take advantage of the space and plan events. It's always good to co-host an event to draw in a new audience. But be sure both parties are doing the job of promoting. Do the homework and promote via all social media channels, send email blasts, make RSVPs and always send a reminder about the event.

Push your mailing list

3. Have a mailing list sign up form and cards people can take home with them.

Tell your story

4. Engage with every customer and tell them your story.

Young & Able Series Pop Up Shop

Constantly merchandise

5. Be flexible when it comes to merchandising your products. Observe what people like and test out how to showcase different products. Use this valuable time wisely and test as much things as you can! We rearranged our store constantly based on customer's interaction with the pieces and swapped out the items that weren't getting much attention.

Stand by your prices

6. This was a shocker to me but we had a lot of shoppers that came in and asked for discount. Be prepared for those awkward situations and get your sales person ready for all the different questions that people will have. Also be firm with your decision.

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