3-Month Coaching Program

3-Month Coaching Program

250.00 every month for 3 months

Thank you for investing in our 3 month coaching program! Please read all details before applying. If accepted, you will have 48 hours to book your first session and pay.

The goal of the program is to help you gain clarity and move forward strategically with your business. Our coaching program is led by our founder Melissa Hall and is open to emerging designers and creative professionals throughout the United States and globally. 

Email us at hello@theemergingdesigner.com with questions.

Apply by filling out this form and you will hear from us shortly.

See below for more details.


  • Want access to tools, references, solutions and community

  • Assessment of brand strategy and marketing materials

  • Creative brainstorming and marketing ideas

This may be good if you: 

  • Want direction because you are not sure what to do next

  • Need focus and honest outside perspective

  • Help managing your time and schedule 

What People Are Saying

Who is the coaching program for:

  • Brands that need to refine their strategy, marketing and need direction

  • New brands entering the market that want to build a foundation

  • International brands that want to become market-ready

  • Entrepreneurs that want strategy and focus for their business

  • Fashion and lifestyle brands, retailers and entrepreneurs

Our coaching can help you with: 

  • Launching your business

  • NYC market insight

  • General sales advice

  • How to balance wellness + work 

  • Brand strategy, marketing and social media

  • Art direction + preparing for a photoshoot/lookbook 

  • Time management + productivity

  • Using social resources, apps and tools

What You’ll Receive

  • (2) 1 hour calls each month scheduled bi-weekly in advance

  • Email-access between sessions

  • Access to our resources, references and knowledge base

  • Intake form to prepare for kickoff meeting

  • Audit, evaluation and recommendation 

  • Status assessment and on-going coaching

Why Invest in a Coaching Program

  • You’re wearing a lot of hats as a business owner and need outside guidance

  • You will save time and money when you have focus

  • You’ll build your brand strategically which will lead to sales and growth

  • Insight, knowledge and education can help your brand tremendously 

  • You’ll have a roadmap for your business

Program Details

This is an online program, but you are welcome to come to our NYC office for our kick off call. All calls will either be done over the phone, Zoom or What’s App. 

  • Program is open to US-based and international designers

  • $250 a month for a three month commitment with an option to renew

Have questions? Email us at hello@theemergingdesigner.com