US Retail Sales Guide

US Retail Sales Guide


Interested in boosting your sales, saving time and learning the basics of pitching a retailer? Our US Retail Sale Guide will help make the process easier.

We offer a PDF guide for $89 or option to upgrade to an excel file for $125 that can be purchased on our third party site.

We created it for those who are doing market research or sales outreach, want to understand the competition, are looking for inspiration or want to shop! Plus, we want to help save you time with our knowledge of the market. 

For our first guide, we chose an edit of women’s speciality boutiques and local shops across the country because we wanted to provide a selection of stores that are accessible to emerging designer labels and fit with our aesthetic. 

You’ll primarily see stores that have a modern/contemporary feel that sell a variety of categories. Beyond womenswear (apparel, accessories, shoes, etc…) we have a category called lifestyle that includes items such as ceramics, cards and gift items. 

Please keep in mind that this guide is directional. You’ll have the opportunity to see if a store is right for you and fits within your brand’s parameters. 

You can purchase our guide on our partner website. You also have the option to upgrade and purchase the Excel file.

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