Our Retail Guide - $89

The Emerging Designer US Retail Guide is here! We created it for those who are doing market research or sales outreach, want to understand the competition, are looking for inspiration or want to shop! Plus, we want to help save you time with our knowledge of the market. 

For our first guide, we chose an edit of women’s speciality boutiques and local shops across the country because we wanted to provide a selection of stores that are accessible to emerging designer labels and fit with our aesthetic. 

You’ll primarily see stores that have a modern/contemporary feel that sell a variety of categories. Beyond womenswear (apparel, accessories, shoes, etc…) we have a category called lifestyle that includes items such as ceramics, cards and gift items. 

Please keep in mind that this guide is directional. You’ll have the opportunity to see if a store is right for you and fits within your brand’s parameters. 


Our guide is a PDF that includes:

  • 270 specialty including brick-and-mortar boutiques (248) broken out by location including online retailers (22)

  • A link to each stores website, Instagram account and categories they carry

  • A sample script so you feel confident writing a retailer

  • The 7 pieces of key content needed to write a strong email

  • A sales pitch checklist 

  • Do’s and dont’s of pitching 

Benefits of the guide: 

  • Save time and energy looking up retailers

  • Access to a curated list of stores in the United States

  • Increase your response rate and optimize your sales outreach 

  • A better understanding of the marketplace and trends


  • Purchase before December 31, 2018 and you’l receive the Excel file after you order which includes 300 stores and can be edited. Plus, we give you 3 months of updates.

  • Option to upgrade and purchase a consulting session with us at a special rate! 

A few notes:

Please note that we didn’t include buyer names. Why? People changes jobs often and how a store likes to be contacted varies. Some want you to fill out a form, ask that you send information to a specific email or list their requirements (e.g. send a lookbook and linesheet) for consideration. Plus, it’s easy to find these names; just go to their contact page, Instagram handle or LinkedIn!

We also didn’t include department stores or major retailers because for now, we think the magic is in the smaller speciality boutiques located across the country that may not always be easy to find.

Your investment includes:

The retail sales guide is priced at $89 USD. Please note that there are no refunds and the guide is stamped with buyers email and unique id. If you purchase a guide before December 31, 2018 you’ll get the Excel guide which can be edited and formatted to your preferences. Plus, it includes, 300 stores.

If you have questions before you buy, please email us at hello@theemergingdesigner.com.