How to Create a Comprehensive Twitter Profile Like Blake Bradford


There's a lot to be said in 160 characters: the number given to you by Twitter to create your profile. For Blake Bradford, a New York-based tie company, that was enough to create a comprehensive description about the label. And, when I was luckily enough to be followed by this seemingly cool brand with an intriguing name, (striking young man or sophisticated designer?) I had to know more. Here's the description on Blake Bradford's Twitter profile:

1. Brand name: Blake Bradford 2. Type of designer: woven silk panel ties 3. Location: New York 4. Where their products are made: always made in America 5. Where they've been featured: Playboy (also their profile photo) 6. Where and when they will be sold:, starting 4/9 with a link to the sale

This profile provides any prospective follower with a clear understanding of the brand with a call-to-action and even serves as a condensed press release. As a designer, you have to constantly seek out ways to get exposure by putting your brand's information out there whether that's written or visually. Twitter gives you enough real estate to be strategic by saying something compelling to your audience because you never know who will be reading it and why.

So what is the Blake Bradford brand all about? Founded by Geoffrey Blake, a philosophy and religion major that dabbled in consulting, financial services and the start-up world, this "jack of all trades" entrepreneur combined his skill sets and interest in fashion and style to create a label that uses bold designs and a punch of personality by using words like driven, risky and inspired as the focus of his ties. Made in Brooklyn, Blake Bradford has their own stellar point-of-difference: hand-crafted and pinned using a proprietary technique to make a quality product. Designed with maximum usage in mind, the text is placed at the tip of the tie so it can be covered up if necessary or for an interesting reveal.

Experience the line at Blake Bradford and check out their ties on starting today.

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