Bridging the online and offline retail worlds: NET-A-PORTER Launches KARL at the Window Shops

On Wednesday, NET-A-PORTER launched KARL, a new line by Karl Lagerfeld on their website. To celebrate this much-anticipated diffusion line and exclusive four-week partnership, 5 pop-up Window Shops went live in New York, Paris, Berlin, London and Sydney. So what's the Window Shop?  Simply put, it's a window you can shop from via the Net-A-Porter KARL app. Unlike a traditional window, the storefront features photos and not physical products.

Here's how it works: Shoppers with an iPhone or iPad 2 can download the KARL app from the iTunes store. The app is stocked with a few fun games and equipped with SKAN, a cutting edge technology that allows users to scan photos of products they like. Once the technology reads the product, consumers are given the option to "shop now" and are directed to the NET-A-PORTER site.



What shoppers see inside the KARL app after after the look is scanned

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So what do we think about the Window Shop? Well, it's a rather novel initiative bridging the online and offline experience while adding buzz around the launch. Plus, an appearance by the man himself also helps!

NET-A-PORTER has found away to  make the collection accessible for those that want access to these two luxury brands. At the Bleecker Street shop in New York on Wednesday, fans and passerbys were ecstatic to scan, shop and even win pieces from the collection. And who wouldn't want to snag a piece of KARL by ordering a pair of these fingerless gloves at a mere $65?  Looks like this could be the future of shopping and a way to take e-commerce retailers to the streets and windows across the world.

Check out the entire 70 piece KARL collection at NET-A-PORTER.

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