Design Inspiration at NY Now Show


Etsy Wholesale, the brand's private juried online wholesale marketplace that has over 2,500 sellers featured top lifestyle brands at their pavilion at the NY Now trade show. Handmade designs, soft colors and modern decor was the focus along with a burst of design inspiration. Elizabeth Benotti

Handmade ceramics, splatter mugs, pinched planters and whisky mugs are just some of the pieces from Elizabeth Benotti of New Hampshire. Her herringbone technique and organic brush strokes make beautiful homes for succulents and a treat to the eye.


Ashware Brooklyn

Ashware Brooklyn 002

Ashware, a Brooklyn-based handmade ceramics and design brand started by Megumi Yoshida creates minimal ceramic forms made from crisp porcelain. A range of stories include Japanese traditions and geometric states. Yoshida calls her work is a fine balance between function and art objects.


Oh Dier

Oh Dier, a Minneapolis-based home décor label by William and Katie Dohman uses thoughtfully sourced and often upcycled wood and other materials that brings "old school craftsmanship meets high-tech know-how" to their modern designs. With their handmade work, a greeting, sentiment or wise words is just a cut away.

Learn more at Etsy Wholesale.

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