Emerging Designer Spotlight: Temerity Jewelry

Temerity-Jewelry Emerging-Designer-USA-Flag2With a background in cultural anthropology, Roberta Gorin believes that humans use fashion to construct a sense of self. Taking this thesis-worthy insight, she started Temerity Jewelry, a Brooklyn-based label that shows how well-crafted pieces can help transform personal style.

Roberta treats each collection like an academic pursuit. Researching the subject, going to museums and trying to immerse herself into what she's studying are just a few of the steps. The end result is what she calls a sensual, organic and intelligent aesthetic. Think small mixes of grunge-era rock and roll, ethereal components and updated treasures all with a meaningful backstory.

Her path to Temerity has come full circle. Before starting her label, she spent time in the buying office at Harvey Nichols understanding consumer behavior, retail dynamics and developed a dose of business smarts. From there, she worked as an apprentice and took classes at Pratt Institute, 3rd Ward in Brooklyn, and the Jewelry Arts Institute to learn and discover new techniques and skills. Now, this third generation jeweler is doing what she loves.

Artifacts, her latest collection was inspired by Junius Bird, an American archeologist who was the curator of South American archaeology at the Museum of Natural History and inspiration for 'Indiana Jones' the movie. A blend of hand crafted bracelets, necklaces and rings in brass, silver and various finishes make up the line and offer a trove of accessories for the body that are organic, authentic and rich in content.



Temerity-Jewelry002 Learn more about this made in New York emerging designer label at Temerity Jewelry.

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