Open Call: FN PLATFORM and PENSOLE Seeks Emerging Designers for FUTURE of FOOTWEAR Awards


If you're an emerging footwear designer or aspiring to become one, then here's your chance to understand the industry from inception to market by entering FN PLATFORM, the shoe trade show at MAGIC and PENSOLE's international design competition for emerging designers. If selected as a finalist, you will participate in their "learn by doing" curriculum and design, brand, market and create footwear samples while also competing for a chance to win the 2012 FUTURE of FOOTWEAR Awards announced at WWDMAGIC in August.

Here's How The Competition Works

Participants must submit one pencil sketch (can be rendered) in any or all of the following categories:

  • Dress: designed to wear at formal events
  • Lifestyle: designed to wear casually
  • Athletic: designed to help perform a sport or activity better
  • Kids: designed for children of all ages
  • Co-Creation: designed for skateboarding

Twenty finalists will receive a scholarship to participate in a rigorous master class program in Portland, Oregon from July 2-27 at the PENSOLE Footwear Design Academy. From here, 10 semi-finalists will be selected (two from each category) to show their samples at the FN PLATFORM trade show as part of  MAGIC in Las Vegas from August 21-23 where 5 winners will be announced as the FUTURE of FOOTWEAR.

Ready to embark on a hands-on international design competition? Enter the contest at Mesh01 and learn more about FN PLATFORM and PENSOLE.

Emerging designer or have a resource to share? Please feel free to contact me at

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