Here's How to Make Beautiful Marketing Materials with These Resources

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As an entrepreneur, you’re probably already aware that content is life! Instagram stories, flyers, Pinterest boards and any other type of marketing material that you are trying create takes time. You may not be able to access a graphic designer or need to create beautiful imagery quickly, so to help you out, here’s our list of resources that you should have in your toolkit.


Canva is the probably the greatest asset to your design toolkit. Whatever you need to design, they probably have a template for it. The platform is also good because you can upload your logos, fonts and photography. You can also share with others on your team. Whether you need it for print purposes or digitally, they have you covered. They are constantly making improvements so the resource keeps getting better.

Learn more at Canva.


Over is a design app that has a wonderful modern database of graphics, templates for Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories and more. The best part is that this their assets are design forward. Want to add texture, gradients, backgrounds, frames or other elements to make your work stand out, they have a library of options. Their blog is extremely informative too and shares a lot of tips on how to step into design.

Learn more at Over.


The Unfold app makes your Instagram Stories comes to life. Their layouts are easy for plug and play and they have a variety of frames, fonts and styles for you to keep your content fresh, but at the same time, have consistent branding.

Learn more at Unfold.

Pexels, Unsplash, Death to Stock Photo and Stocks

If you’re looking for good stock photography, these resources are pretty great. They are modern, have a wide variety of content and won’t always be the typical photos you see everywhere. Bookmark these and you’ll most likely use them frequently.

Pexels, Unsplash, Death to Stock Photo and Stocksy


The Snapseed app was created by Google and gives you a suite of tools (29 to-date) to edit your photos. You can do basics like filter your photos, but there’s also options to tune your image, play with balance, perspective and more. Using the resource becomes intuitive with practice and will boost your photo imagery!


Like the name sounds, the Foodie app does a great job at filtering food photos. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t elevate the look of your products and your favorite smoothie bowl! Keep it in your arsenal because it can help you secure a solid product shot.

Learn more at Foodie.

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