How to Make Your Pop-Up Shop, Trunk Show or Event Successful

Photo credit: Photo by  Emile Guillemot  

Photo credit: Photo by Emile Guillemot 

Events are one way to bring an experience to your brand. Whether you are participating in a pop-up shop, trunk show or speaking on a panel, it’s important to plan with strategy and take advantage of the proper tools and resources to make it as successful as it can be.

The 3 Stages of Your Event  

Think about your event in three separate parts which includes pre-event, the actual event and post-event.  At each phase, write out what tasks you need to accomplish along with timing. 


During this stage, you should first define your goals, ask yourself why are your participating and what do you hope to get out of it. Be sure to write this down so you can reference these goals post-event and also during the process to help you make better decisions.

Also here, you can build an event timeline, budget, create marketing materials and plan social media. You should also reach out to press, bloggers and submit to outlets that can promote your event. Planning logistics, staff, merchandising setup and finalizing your run of show for the night of the event can be some of your tasks.

There’s also boosting your email marketing subscriptions which could be done with a giveaway or incentive and something you should plan in the pre-event phase.

Whatever your to-do list entails, start planning!

During Your Event

Before your event starts, make sure you speak with your team or participants so everyone is clear on logistics, talking points, timing and details. Reviewing a run-of-show for the evening will be key.

For guests, make sure they know the event hashtag and any social media accounts to follow. If you want them to participate or do something during the event, be sure to give them a call to action.


After the event, do a recap to reflect on your goals, lessons learned and take a look at your budget. Review any event photos and social media mentions to see if they can be distributed to attendees or sponsors.

Create Proper Marketing Assets 

One of the easiest ways to create a variety of marketing materials is to use Canva. They have templates for popular platforms that you can easily brand to your aesthetic. It’s free too. 

Your assets for media may include a document or one-sheet brief/press release, link to photos and marketing materials. For example, if a news outlet wants to promote, you should easily have these items ready for them so they can copy and paste or upload easily:

  • Flyer

  • Instagram and Stories Feed

  • Facebook post 

  • Photos 

Tip: Don’t forget to use the Instagram countdown sticker because it will help build buzz for your event and because people can subscribe to it

Use Third Party Resources 

One of the easiest ways to boost awareness of your event is to use a variety of event resources. These include:

  • Eventbrite: is a great way to list your event, charge for ticket sales, but also get promoted through their network

  • Instagram: There are so many ways to use Instagram. This could be a post, story feed, countdown calendar or an ad

  • Facebook: Facebook posts, ads, Stories and listing on their event calendar 

  • Splash: Allows you to create a beautiful, customizable landing page and also charge for ticket sales 

  • Paperless Post: For private events, Paperless Post is a nice way to communicate your event to others

You can also promote with us on our event calendar that supports emerging designers and fashion industry events. We have complimentary listings and paid promotions that can bring awareness to your event. 

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