Madison Buyer: Connecting Emerging Designers and Retailers


So how do you effectively reach the right retailer? Designers are always looking for the smartest way to reach buyers and retailers are constantly on the hunt for emerging talent. Madison Buyer is a new tool that connects both. The site allows designers to consolidate all of their sales and promotional materials: lookbooks, linesheets, press clippings, brand information and social media platforms on their own customized page within the site.

Habringer Co. landing page on Madison Buyer

Why It’s Smart For Designers?

The resource is a cost effective and efficient tool for young designers. Think about how many people you meet in a season at trade shows, sales trips and through daily networking that you need to follow-up with. Allowing buyers and press to have access to all of your brand's information in one place is just a link away and eliminates the time it takes to attach files to emails. Membership is pay-as-you-go and ranges from free, basic, premium and private depending on your needs.

Madison Buyer has about 250 retailers both big and small using the site and are located internationally too, giving designers exposure to businesses that they may never have contact with during their regular sales outreach. Designers can make their site private or public and invite users to view their brand and also be found by a retailer through their search.

How Madison Buyer Benefits Retailers

The site offers a streamlined way to find emerging designers. Broken down by over 200 mens, womens and childrens designers,   retailers can focus on their respective buying category and also search for multiple designers. Buyers are able to sort by product category, price points, trade shows and by tags. The benefit is that the retailer can cut through the clutter and do their homework (yes, retailers do their homework before buying for the season). They may also be in need of an immediate item to restock on the floor and the functionality of the site allows them to find items easily. Buyers can also bookmark brands they like and get updates when a new designer joins.

Tips on creating and promoting your site

The site acts as your online showroom, so make sure you take the time to develop it properly. Couple of tips:

  • Keep information current: Be sure to keep links, content and photos up-to-date because you want to remain relevant and also look professional.
  • Photography: Photos are key and remember that your product is the hero. Sometimes it's easy to get consumed with the perfect shot or the art direction of the lookbook, but at the end of the day, remember that it's your product that needs to be sold.
  • Keywords: Tags are crucial in helping your products stand out. List all keywords that are relevant to a search and include categories, silhouettes, fabrications, colors and descriptors to give your brand a better chance of being found.
  • Promoting: Don't wait for buyers to come to you! Be sure to spread the word with your contacts and potential business partners along with press. 

Check out Madison Buyer for yourself and see how you can connect.

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