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Los Angeles-based designer Briana Anter knows how to make a good bag. Her label, Harper Ave is a mix of polished and versatile, with inspirations from the clean and the colorful. As part of our summer Fridays feature, we got to learn more about this emerging designer.

What's your favorite Harper Ave summer piece and how do you wear it?

I love all of our new pieces but I find that the Farnsworth backpack, named after Mies Van Der Rohe's iconic house outside of Chicago, just screams summer! I wear it to the office, stuffed with my workout clothes, lunch, and laptop. I also just used it as a weekend bag for a road trip to Palm Springs (it fit 3 days worth of clothes)! The creamy white color and see-through sides just look great with everything, especially cute jeans and a white T.

You're launching new colors. What was your inspiration? 

The inspiration came from both architects and artists. I spice up the minimalist backpack shape we use by pulling colors and textures from buildings and art I find compelling. The new pink backpack is inspired by Takashi Murakami's playful, colorful and explosive paintings. The Farnsworth bag is modeled after an iconic home that basically consists of a glass box held together by a white skeleton

What's your favorite summer food?

In general, it is avocado toast (avocado, chili flakes, lemon and good toast) and french macarons. At this very moment it is also cronut imposters. I haven't had a real one, but I improvised and made some with store bought dough and pudding.

What's your favorite drink?

Anything that involves fresh fruit, tequila and chilli.

What's your favorite local spot?

Lukshon in Culver City, Los Angeles. They make super modern Southeast Asian food. They have an amazing tea leaf salad, and a crispy fish served with charred cucumbers that is to die for. I also love Carmela Ice Cream, they make a killer cucumber sorbet. I guess cucumbers might be my favorite food too.

Where do you go to relax?

LA is a pretty relaxing town if you want it to be. It is always nice out, and there is a yoga studio or juicery on every corner. When I really need a nice break, I will stay home and cook or go horseback riding.

What's been your summer inspiration?

I think it mostly comes from long days, being outdoors, ice cream colors, and road trips to new places. Right now I am really loving the kooky architecture in palm springs.

And your favorite summer song? "Royals" by Lorde.

Can you tell us what's next?

Sticking to backpacks for now, experimenting with new materials and forms; found some unique new leathers that I am figuring out how to use. I am a huge klutz, so in developing new stuff I make sure everything can take a beating.

Learn more about Briana and check out her bags at Harper Avenue.

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