Sustainability Roundup: The Fashion Pact, Green Runways, Gabriela Hearst and Misleading Fashion Claims

Gabriela Hearst via Vogue

Gabriela Hearst via Vogue


Welcome to our Sustainability Roundup! This is our newest series dedicated to sustainability. Moving forward, we’ll be covering news, companies we like and more!

  1. It’s Fashion Month and those runway shows are quite the production. Here’s an interesting read on the carbon footprint of a fashion runway show. (Vogue)

  2. Is the answer to saving the planet to shop less and live more? (The Guardian)

  3. Gabriela Hearst is creating a carbon neutral fashion show. Say hello to local models that don’t have to get on a plane just to walk. (Vogue)

  4. Have you heard about the Fashion Pact? Major industry players are working together to take steps on how to tackle the environmental issues in the fashion industry. (the New York Times)

  5. Conscious collection, sustainability and eco-friendly are constantly used terms by retailers. Brand’s like H&M and Zara are two examples that use these words or phrases, but are vague about their claims. (Forbes)

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