Week in Review: Bloomingdale's Combats Wardrobing, 2014 Online Marketing Trends, the Cost of Vicuña and Accessories from London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week Accessories 1. If you want your brand to stay relevant in today's marketplace, consider jumping on these top 7 online marketing trends in 2014. (via Forbes)

2. Are you diving into your Pinterest data? Here are 17 metrics that you should be tracking. (via PR Daily)

3. Bloomingdales is taking a stance on wardrobing, the act of wearing a garment and then returning it. Certain products like party dresses will now have a 3 inch black tag on it to prevent this form of fraud. (via Bloomberg Businessweek)

4. There's one grade of wool that is so coveted that it's caused political scandal. Learn more about vicuña and how a jacket can go up to $21,000.  (via the Wall Street Journal).

5. Take a look at this slideshow featuring the latest accessories from London Fashion Week.  (via the New York Times)

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