Week in Review: Goodbye Barney's Co-op, Ranking on Google, the Dad Jeans Trend and Retail Analytics

Barneys New York Store Change 1. Barneys is getting rid of their Co-op stores for a tighter edit of inventory under one name. See what they will be putting in these mini stores. (via Elle)

2. It may be time for skinny jeans to retire. See which Dad jeans are making a comeback(via the New York Times)

3. Did you hear that Chipotle faked a Twitter hack for followers? Read why this type of stunt doesn't work. (via Forbes)

4. Getting seen on Google is a great thing, but can sometimes be difficult. If you follow these steps, you may just land your business higher in their rankings. (via Entrepreneur)

5. Brick and mortar retailers are trying to keep up with online stores. Learn how they are trying to track your every move. (via Fashionista)