Week in Review: The Importance of Online Reviews, Too Many Hashtags, Productivity Tips and Never Giving Up in Fashion


Using too many hashtags 1. Market research is an important tool consumers are using prior to making a purchase.  This infographic reveals important stats about online reviews and its implication on sales. (via Huffington Post)

2. Gap is an interesting retailer to look at as they've had their ups and down and constantly finding ways to stay relevant. Learn more about their creative director Rebekka Bay and the challenges she's set to tackle. (via Business Week)

3. Get inspired by this video featuring  jewelry label stella vale on how to never give up when trying to break into fashion. (via Entrepreneur)

4. It may be tempting to use several hashtags on Facebook as you may do with Instagram, but here's why you should rethink that strategy. (via Mashable)

5.  Wondering how you can become more efficient in your day?  Here are the daily work routines of geniuses. (via Harvard Business Review)

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