Why You Should Rethink Using the Word Unique to Describe Your Business


Using Unique as Branding DescriptorsUsing Unique as Branding Descriptors Painting a picture of your brand is very important. Whether you’re talking to a retailer, press or consumer, describing your business in a succinct way will quickly let them know what you’re all about. And, lets face it, a lot of people have a short attention span so the more clear and focused you can be, the better.

Often times, people feel that their product is so different that they use the word unique to describe it. While that may seem like a good thing, it's usually hard to understand what the brand is about because it's such a vague adjective. When you think about it, the word unique doesn’t really describe anything, nor does it paint that picture. Also, in theory, everyone unique because they have their own brand story, aesthetic and product offerings and most likely why the word has become diluted.

When you think about describing your brand, start with three words. It can be a tagline or words that stand alone but still are strong enough descriptors to paint that picture. For example, if a designer says their brand is modern, architectural and colorful, there's a good chance that the end user will most likely get a a feel for the brand's aesthetic. A label that is vintage, print-inspired and conservative tells another type of story. Although these are two different examples, the description has a frame of reference and therefore helps the person on the other end understand the brand better.

Finding these three words takes time and exploration. You'll want to look at the features and benefits of your product, how you have branded yourself, and then get these words on paper. Just like a swatch your considering for the season, test out how you describe your brand with these words and see if your products, marketing and brand voice embody your choices. Say it, pitch it and execute off of it in order to build your brand.

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